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More than 30 years
of experience

At IMA we have 30 years of experience in teaching the English language. We have programs of high academic excellence, effective and easy that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our mission

Our Mission is to provide a high-quality, honest and efficient service that contributes to the development of our community through responsible instruction. To God we dedicate our work to which we put the fruits of it

Our vision

To be the leading academy and the one everyone chooses to learn English or Spanish languages while maintaining quality standards, generating high value experiences for our clients in a personal and professional way. 


IMA is a highly recognized name in English language teaching in the Washington DC metropolitan area, mainly for three decades of providing a program of high academic excellence, effective, easy and, above all, enjoyable. Thousands of students have filled the IMA classrooms, spelling out their future in this great nation. The success achieved by those thousands of students is the pride that makes IMA even more nourished by all the elements that designate it as one of the best English schools in the area.

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